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Trident Capital Management is an alternative investment manager whose strategy is based upon a systematic quantitative diversified global macro program that seeks to implement a desired level of risk and uses futures to structure its portfolio accordingly. There can be no assurance that the portfolio implementing the true level of risk sought can actually be achieved.

Who We Are

Trident Capital Management is a quantitative, systematic, global macro alternative investment manager headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The Trident Capital portfolio employs diversified futures, including stock indices, commodities, fixed income, and foreign exchange markets. Trident Capital is registered with the CFTC and is an NFA member as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Pool Operator (CTA and CPO).

What We Do

At Trident Capital Management, we seek to use our combination of deep market experience and strong research and quantitative skills to create diversified portfolios of futures across different markets that produce returns intended to be uncorrelated with traditional asset classes and other strategies. Our proprietary quantitative models are designed to have favorable risk-adjusted returns while preserving capital in volatile market conditions.

Who We Serve

The Trident Fund LP is designed for a diverse client base of institutions, family offices, endowments, and high net-worth individuals that are “qualified eligible persons.” Also, Trident Capital offers Separately Managed Accounts, so institutional clients have greater transparency and liquidity. Moreover, we provide bespoke portfolios that target risk management in fixed-income and currency markets.

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